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Q: What are the benefits of using a spray?

A: Spray allows patients/clients to apply pain relief to hard-to-reach areas, such as the middle back and lower extremities.

Q: Can I take the new spray on an airplane?

A: Yes. Our convenient 2oz. size is air travel friendly, TSA-compliant and offers pain relief on-the-go.

Q: Do I need a prescription to get Biofreeze?

A: No, you do not need a prescription, nor do you need to be a patient of the Health Care Professional in your area to purchase Biofreeze from them. Biofreeze is not a retail product and is not available through a pharmacy or any retail environment.

Q: Can you tell me the name of a Health Care Professional in my area where I can obtain Biofreeze?

A: Visit our "Where to Buy" website at:
to find a location near you that sells Biofreeze.

Q: Can you give me the name of a medical distributor in my area?

A: No, we do not have access to that information. Medical distributors do not sell directly to the consumer and have requested that we do not give out this information.

Q: Can you send me a sample of Biofreeze?

A: Of course, we would be glad to send you a sample packet for Biofreeze. Included will be a brochure on the product itself, a 5-gram trial packet for you to try and also an ordering form for future reference in case you ever find it difficult to locate the product in your area. Please call 1-800-246-3733 and ask for the Consumer Department or email us at

Q: What sizes of Biofreeze are available to purchase by a consumer?

A: Biofreeze is available in a 4 oz tube, 2 oz & 4 oz spray, 3 oz roll-on, or 5-gram trial packets.

o The 3 oz Roll-On is a hands-free application good for hard to reach areas. Most consumers prefer the Roll-On for hard to reach areas, such as for the back and the neck area.

o The 2 oz & 4 oz Spray is a convenient no-touch way good for hard to reach areas for the patient at home, such as the upper back or neck.

o The 4 oz Gel is perfect for massaging into easy to reach areas and perfect for knees, elbows and ankles.

o The 5-gram packets are available in boxes of 100 and are most commonly used for traveling purposes, when it is inconvenient to carry one of the larger sizes.

Q: Can I buy the larger bottle sizes of the Biofreeze?

A: The larger sizes of Biofreeze are only sold to Hands-on Therapists for clinical use in their practice. They are not labeled for patient use and are not available to consumers. Patient sizes are available through us for the consumer that finds it difficult to locate in their area.

Q: Is Biofreeze available in stores or through the Internet?

A: No, Biofreeze is not a retail product and should not be available through a retail environment. It is only sold through Hands-on Health Care Professionals.

No. Our Internet site is only set up for informational purposes. We do not offer any on-line ordering. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any product sold on the Internet. The best value for a consumer to purchase Biofreeze is through a hands-on Health Care Professional in their area.

Q: Will Biofreeze freeze?

A: Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel will not freeze, but the Roll-On may freeze due to the dilution ingredient in the formulation. There are instances in shipping, that due to inclement weather, product shipped may freeze. Leaving the product out at room temperature for a short while should help to rectify the problem. Please shake well to ensure that the product has not separated as result of this problem.

Q: Do you have any studies about long-term use of Biofreeze?

A: Biofreeze is an over the counter topical analgesic. It is labeled according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed regulations regarding topical analgesics. All ingredients, product use and product warnings are listed on the label.

Please remember that Biofreeze is a topical pain reliever, not a cure to an underlying condition. It provides temporary pain relief. If you have any questions regarding the product or use of it , please consult your Health Care Professional.

Q: How long does Biofreeze last, when is the expiration date?

A: The product's shelf life is 2 years. The expiration date can be located on the package of Biofreeze Pain Relieving Product.

Q: What is Cryotherapy?

A: Cryotherapy works by creating a cooling sensation that is transmitted through the nerve endings to the brain. It transmits at speeds faster than most pain sensations or warming sensations. Unlike icing an area, Biofreeze allows blood to continue to flow to the area so that it can be naturally repaired.

Q: Does Biofreeze contain any gluten or other grain-based products?

A: No

Q: Will Biofreeze cause an adverse effect if I am taking other medications?

A: We suggest that you always check with your Health Care Professional before using Biofreeze with other medications.

Q: If I am Pregnant or nursing Can I use Biofreeze?

A: No, Biofreeze has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. We do not suggest that you use the product while pregnant or nursing. Please consult with your Health Care Professional.

Q: Can I use a heating pad while also using Biofreeze?

A: No, you should never use a heating pad while using Biofreeze. Biofreeze works by causing a cooling effect, not heat. By using a heating pad in conjunction with Biofreeze, you may cause serious injury to yourself. You may not be able to tell how hot the heating pad is on the problem area, even possibly causing yourself to experience severe blistering.

Q: Can I use Biofreeze to cool sunburn pain, in a tanning bed or sauna?

A: No, Biofreeze is not recommended for use in any of these instances

Q: Can I use Biofreeze on insect bites or for poison ivy?

A: Biofreeze is not intended for use in these types of situations.

Q: Will Biofreeze work on headaches?

A: Biofreeze is not intended for this use.

Q: My child or pet ate Biofreeze, what do I do?

A: If your child placed it in mouth but did not swallow, flood mouth with lukewarm water and rinse out mouth throughly.

If your child swallowed Biofreeze, flood mouth with lukewarm water. Try to induce vomiting. A glass of buttermilk will assist in negating irritation of the stomach. If a large amount is consumed, contact a Poison Control Center.

Please note: A child would have to swallow 100 5-gram packets (est.18 oz) to cause an adverse reaction.

Pet Contact your veterinarian immediately. Animals will not drink water on command. Animals have a highly developed sense of smell and the menthol, camphor and alcohol contact will warn them away from ingesting the product. It overwhelms their sense of smell and therefore, does not appear as food or something appetizing. Biofreeze should not hurt them, but it is always best to contact your veterinarian in any instance where Biofreeze has been ingested by your pet.

Q: Can I use Biofreeze on an open wound or stitches?

A: No, Biofreeze is not to be used on either of these instances.

Q: After applying Biofreeze, I have developed a rash/irritation on my skin. What should I do?

A: Take a tepid (warm) bath with one cup of Arm and Hammer baking soda, or other brand of baking soda. Relax for at least 20 minutes. If rash persists, contact your physician.

Q: Is Biofreeze listed with the FDA?

A: Yes, Biofreeze Pain Relieving Products and their ingredients are listed with the FDA. Please refer to the National Drug Code number that is on every product. This number represents to the FDA, our product/brand and the actual size of the container.

Q: Is there Aspirin in Biofreeze?

A: No

Q: Is there Capcaisin in Biofreeze?

A: No

Q: Is Biofreeze vegetarian friendly?

A: Yes Biofreeze is vegetarian friendly, no animal products are used in the ingredients. Biofreeze is also not animal tested.

Q: Do I need a prescription for the new spray?

A: No. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray is still an over-the-counter (OTC) drug that does not require a prescription


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