Microcurrent therapy is one of the latest physical therapy techniques used for treatment of certain diseases and disorders . It is also referred to as Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (MENS). As the name suggests, a very low-voltage microamperage (millionths of an ampere) current is passed onto the affected cells or tissue trigger points in order to stimulate the body's healing process. The current used in microcurrent therapy is much smaller than the previously recommended currents for clinical treatments.

Each and every cell of the body has its own electric impulses. Due to abnormal conditions or injury, the bioelectric frequency of the cell is disturbed. Microcurrent therapy is based on the principle that, application of current that is similar to the body's bioelectric current enhances the tissues response to healing and repair. Microcurrent therapy is most effective for soft tissue inflammation, muscle pain and chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy and shingles . According to medical studies, this therapy can also be used as a potential method in order to cure addiction . Channelling therapeutic electrical current through muscle, nerve, and connective tissue for the purpose of reducing pain has been a widely accepted medical practice for many years. There is a broad range of additional uses now being applied with microcurrent.

Microcurrent is introduced into the body through the use of electrodes or by use of hand-held probes. With electrodes you can enjoy a longer treatment while the microcurrent bathes the entire area. With probes, the therapist can apply current to more specific points.

It is important to understand that microcurrent is not a cure-all. Occasionally, it may be the only therapy prescribed; but more often it is used in conjunction with other therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments. Your therapist may even prescribe standard interferential electrotherapy in conjunction with microcurrent. Each type of therapy provides its own benefits.

Your doctor will determine when microcurrent is indicated, how often it should be used, and the length of each application. The exact frequency of treatment depends upon the individual patient and the conditions being treated. As a general rule, periodic treatments will be continued for as long as the condition is present. Treatments may be given as often as once a day in acute or serious conditions. In less serious cases, two to three times a week is common early in the rehabilitation program with a gradual reduction in frequency as the patient improves. To receive maximum benefit from your electrotherapy treatments, it is important to follow the recommendations and instructions of your doctor as precisely and completely as possible.

If you are being treated in an area where you lack feeling or have decreased sensation of touch, be sure to inform your therapist before treatment is started. Extra care must be used when treating such areas.

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