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Often times I have patients come in the door who state they have tried everything and very relucuate I will be able to bring something new to the table. More often than not patient's are blown away. Lots of studies show hat makes chiropractors different from other practitioners out there is the way they treat their patients. Chiropractic usually gets very high patient sastisfaction with great customer service. Chiropractors are also health professionals devoted to keep you in good shape.They use certain types of instruments and perform techniques that may benefit their patients.


Main tool is usually the chiropractic physician's hands:

Chiropractors also use various instruments when performing manipulations on their patient's spine and joints. Three types of instruments used by a typical chiropractor include computerized IFC. Computerized instrument such as a (IFC) is used to reduce inflammation by stimulating the nerves so that stiff muscles can be moved during manipulation. This therapy I use on 85% of patient which I never charge for because I think it is important therapy for the manipulation.

Handheld devices such as activator instrument allow chiropractors to apply gentle thrusts on various parts of the vertebrae or spine.

Activator is a gentle method I often use for fibro or surgery patients. Some instruments are used to measure temperature on both sides of the spine, while others are used to locate misaligned parts of the spine and strained nerves. Procedural instruments, on the other hand, are more than just using a piece of hardware. A chiropractor may also educate their patients on how to take care of their body through exercise, proper posture, and other techniques.


Chiropractors can also be identified not only by the instruments they use, but by the techniques they perform when dealing with their patients. Some of the techniques performed by a chiropractor West Linn residents can count on may include activator method for identifying pelvic misalignment, manipulation for restoring normal function of body parts, acupuncture for alleviating pain, traction massage for muscle stimulation, and other techniques intended to alleviate symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. Depending on the patient, a chiropractor may perform one or more techniques for best results.

Take note that a residents can trust won't just give you a back massage without any diagnostic examination. These practitioners follow a standard protocol that usually starts with spine and joint analysis. Such analysis will help them identify which part of the spine or joint must be manipulated or controlled in order to alleviate pain and improve body functions.


For athletes, these methods can reduce chances of injury, increase flexibility, and relax strained muscles. On the other hand, non-athletes may experience reduced muscle spasms and increased circulation.


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