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Autumn (independant massage)

In the spring of 2001, I experienced my first professional full body massage in Kula, Maui and in that moment my life changed. Suddenly, I became aware of how “unaware” I was about the overall health of my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. My massage therapist told me something I will never forget. She said, “Most people think that massage is a luxury, but it's not. Massage therapy helps to maintain a balanced healthy body, mind, and spirit.” She definitely had me convinced! I was 27 at the time and was waiting tables and bar-tending for a living while working on my music on the side. I had no idea how much tension there was in my entire body and after the massage I felt amazing ,very light and flexible!

Something else happened while on that trip to Hawaii. I realized how truly beautiful the planet is and how different life can be in various parts of the world. Everyone was so laid back in Maui. I realized that one's life is a creation and we can live however we want…in a big city, out in the country, with a little or with a lot. It truly is about living a life that makes us happy. I began to see how much stress I create for myself and how difficult and dramatic I can make things. The bodywork led me to a path of self discovery and spirituality. I began unlearning the bad habits and beliefs that had been driving my life that no longer served me. This process is never-ending.

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